Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis in Italy

How to find PrEP in Italy

What is PrEP? 

PrEP stands for Pre-Exposure HIV Prophylaxis. It’s a medicine that prevents HIV infection. By taking a pill before and after sex, you are protected against HIV.  

Where can I find it? Is it free in Italy? 

PrEP is not free in Italy. In order to get PrEP in Italy you need a prescription, which is given by a doctor specialized in infectious diseases (infettivologo in Italian). After that, you can buy PrEP in some pharmacies. A blister of 30 pills costs 60 euro. 

In this page you can find all the doctors/clinics that prescribe PrEP:  

Do I have to take PrEP every day? 

If you want to be always protected, you should take a pill daily.  

You can also take PrEP on a less frequent schedule, before and after sex. In this case, it’s called event-based PrEP or on-demand (PrEP al bisogno in Italian).  

How does event-based PrEP work? 

You need to take four pills over three days in the following way: 

  • two pills within 2 and 24 hours before sex, this counts as the first day; 
  • a third pill on the second day, 24 hours after the first 2 pills; 
  • fourth pill the third day, another 24 hours after the third pill. 

Event-based PrEP is as safe as daily PrEP. 

Is it PrEP safe?

Prep is safe. Every 4 months the doctor prescribes you kidney tests. If there are problems, you have just to stop taking PrEP and your kidney functions will return as before.

Is PrEP recommend to transgender people? 

Yes, PrEP works and does not interfere with hormone therapy. On PrEP you can still conceive and take hormonal contraceptives. Event-based PrEP is not as effective on vaginal receptive sexual intercourse. In this case, only daily PrEP guarantees full protection.

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